sábado, junho 03, 2006


I've never seen you,
I don't know your body,
But i feel you
Even though you're far.
I haven't seen myself yet
In the light of your eyes
And didn't even feel
The taste of your mouth.
But i want you,
Even knowing
That i'll never have you.
I didn't try your touch
And didn't even touch you tenderly,
But i feel your perfume in the air.
I fell to your seduction,
Even knowing
That i'll never find you.
Our love is only virtual,
But it's all right,
Cause soul is more than body.
And if i don't have you by my side,
Let the wind whisper you
My tender words.
I also want the wind to tell you
That someone loves you
The best way i know,
With all that i can.
And if you think about love,
And in all that it brings,
Of happyness, in life,
Well, that's nothing,
Cause i love you much more!
Soul is more than body.
And my soul will follow
Always loving yours,
Even though our bodies
Might never find one another.
But the moment will come,
Cause soul is more than body,
Then we'll be one soul only,
One heart
And only one thougt!

Autoria de C. Almeida Stella

sexta-feira, junho 02, 2006

Whitout title

I'm getting ready to leave
I know today you're decided to punish me severely
in my body i wear a simple black lingerie that enhaces the color of my skin
pure white, ready to be punished
from my drawer i grabbed a pair of black stockings, i sit down in bed and
while i dress my legs with it, i'm wondering how will they be taken from me.
Meanwhile, i put on my high heel shoes, i dress my raincoat,
I wait for you
I don´t know for how long i've been waiting, i smoke one, two, three
cigarretes, i note myself tired in my living room, i almost black out, when
suddenly i hear an horn.
I get up, i get my raincoat tighten, grab my purse and leave
I walk over the car, i reach the door, i try to open it but it's locked you
know you've lefted that way i slightly touch the window, you bearly look at
me and you open the door
I sit down and say good evening you answer in a cold way, with a gesture you
get your hand behind me you´re searching for something in the back seat
I'm curious but i don't dare to look back.
You keep searching until you find what you wanted, you signal me not to
In your hands you bring a blindfold which you put on me and say,
I don' want any questions. I want you quiet without moving, the only sound i
want to hear is the car and you breathing, understood?
I wave my head obediently and i stay quiet with the blindfold in my eyes.
I feel the car sliding softly, my distresse and insecurity increases
Every moment i'm wondering where i'm going but
i don't dare to ask.
My heart is beating a thousand miles for hour. My hands can't stay still, i
rub them, their beginning to get cold, doubt is all over me.
Meanwhile i feel the car stopping.
You tell me to get out and wait for you.
I feel you also get out of the car but you're taking your time to get close
to me,
that's when i feel your presence close,
You suddenly grab my wrists and cuff me, i feel the handcuffs coldness in my
wrists, once again doubt is all over me
You take my raincoat off and see that i'm wearing only lingerie, you hook me
by my wrists in something high and hard.
I don't know what it is, all i know is that i'm exposed to your wrath and
without expecting i feel the sound of your whip striking my butt, with no
control i scream and keep screaming. I feel myself fading to the sound of
My legs begin to tremble only the cuffs hold me, each time more.
After spanking me so many times you stop to see your master piece, you touch
me and i feel relieved you can't imagine how good it feels your hands on my
You release me and i don't know where you're taking me, all i know is that i
have no strength to walk but i keep going.
I still have the blindfold i'm on my way to a black hole.
I feel the wet dirt underneath my shoes, i ask you to take them off but you
deny it.
We stop you open a door and you make me go in with your hand holding my arm
Now i feel my heels walking on a wooden floor
In a movement you push me to which i presume to be a bed.
You spread my legs you rip off my panties, my sex is now exposed.
You tie my ankles,i don't know where, all i know is that my legs are spread
once again you start to spank me, i want to feel my face but my hands are
tied behind my back,
i'm screaming with pain, i imagine myself with red brands on my back.
You stop and suddenly i hear a lighter, i fear, is it?
I pray to be wrong.
You sit next to me and touch my hot cave, branded, wet.
you smile and you say to me,
Just wait to see where all that horniness is going and you start to spill
hot wax in me.
I'm screaming in pain, i begh you to stop but it's useless.
when i drain myself in tears you stop to untie my ankles, you turn me around
and whip me again until i almost pass out.
You come close to me, once again you pass your hands on the brands you've
made me, like if it was a painting which only the author has the pleasure to
contemplate and you make me sleep safe, with tranquility in your arms.

quinta-feira, junho 01, 2006

She, slides and runs me over
And, even though sometimes don´t matter
I know? that the day i lose her
To come? Suffer for...
She, who shows and hide
who goes and stay
who's question and it's answer
who's my obscurity, my star
She combs my soul and entangles it
comes with me but, i don't know? where she goes
My rival, my companion;
Who's so inside my life and,
At a time, is so out
I know? that i'll come? to lose myself and,
I'll find her again but,
With another face and another
different name and another body
But she keeps being her, and again she takes me;
Never answers me if, by spinning the wheel...

She, becomes cold and becomes eternal
A sigh in the storm
The one whose voice i change so many times
People who come and go and, always is...
She, who lies to me and denies me
who forgets me and remembers me
But, if my mouth goes wrong
But, if my mouth goes wrong and,
when i call her, i name her another name
sometimes she feels compassion for this crazy,
blind and crazy heart

It will be, whatever God wants it to be.
My crime is the clumsiness to ignore
that there´s whom has no heart
And it keeps burning me,it keeps burning me and it burns me
And, if it was her?

She combs my soul and entangles it
come with me...i say
My rival, my companion, that's her
But it's so hard, when i see so near a new goodbye
And, to lose her? again. Once more i'll ask
While she goes, there will be no? answer
And, if she who moves away
The one i'm losing...
And, if it was her? y, if it was her?

It will be, whatever God wants it to be
My crime is the clumsiness to ignore
that there´s whom has no heart
And it keeps burning me,it keeps burning me and it burns me
And, if it was her?

.... sometimes she feels compasion
For this crazy, blind and crazy heart
was it she? who tells me, if it was her?
And, if life's a wheel that keeps spinning
And no one knows when to jump
And i look at her...and, if it was her? if it was her?

And, if it was her?

(by Alejandro Sanz)
Erotic Poem

could love you today
as your eyes claim
spend all day,with you
in bed
To use your body
spend it, kiss by kiss
day by day, how
i still desire you
when your flesh asks for more
and you smile, make me addict
I wanted, libertine
to invade your tighs
to open your naked legs
to end in you
That you'd give yourself to your husband
as if you were a lover
and give yourself away
(as if it was for money)
to your own man
I want to describe you like this
with the madness
with which i desire you
while sowing your belly
when i bite your mouth...
And i wanted to love you forever
like an island
in the ocean of age
we have ourselves
And to have you
piece by piece
like the fruit of love
that we've became
today i wanted you to be
The Bacchante
that you still shelter deep inside
and it's insane
it's a bitch
and weares stockings
Free those ghosts
that make you sweat
get down on your hands and knees
roll over and enjoy
while you make me enjoy
become round
in hemispheres of butts and breasts
reveal those fresh lawns
that promise
the temple of love you contain
and seal satin secrets
Come,Venice, where i lose myself
in a romantic fire gondola
in those channels of sperm and jasmine
Spill over me
Oh, naked Goddess
all that ambrosia of pleasure
that my thirst desires
recreate in me those heroes
that satisfy you in your dreams
and give yourself as you think
others would
Don't think that in you
atracts me chastity
and that in others i search fantasy
Give yourself, come
that my pleasure increases
to see you so excited
Don't want you chaste
don't want you Saint
i want you female
A bitch that passing by
leaves in men a trail
of pleasure and sin
I want you free by my side
i want above all to tell you
that i love you
and i want to love you, only you
Give me, again, the pleasure
to lose myself in you
to finally find myself
It's getting late, Love
come, let's love

Written by Fernando Tavares Rodrigues

quarta-feira, maio 31, 2006

In your room Where time stands still Or moves at your will Will you let the morning come soon Or will you leave me lying here In your favourite darkness Your favourite half-light Your favourite consciousness Your favourite slave In your room Where souls disappear Only you exist here Will you lead me to your armchair Or leave me lying here Your favourite innocence Your favourite prize Your favourite smile Your favourite slave I'm hanging on your words Living on your breath Feeling with your skin Will I always be here In your room Your burning eyes Cause flames to arise Will you let the fire die down soon Or will I always be here Your favourite passion Your favourite game Your favourite mirror Your favourite slave I'm hanging on your words Living on your breath Feeling with your skin Will I always be here Will I always be here

(by Depeche Mode)